Sustainable Oceans conference, 2019

Presentations and community engagement

The EERREC REU will include several opportunities for scholars to present their research results.

summer research symposium 2020 screen shot

An end-of-summer online research symposium for STEM undergraduate researchers visiting UC Davis will include EERREC trainees’ presentations in brief, informal segments aimed at a generalist audience. Because this event will be held via Zoom, trainees' family members and faculty from their home institutions will be able to participate. The 2020 pilot version of this virtual symposium met with acclaim from presenters, their families, and research mentors, and other members of the UC Davis community.

The EERREC REU also will provide travel support to enable trainees to present their work at regional professional society meetings in the subsequent academic year (e.g., the Western Society of Naturalists for students on the west coast; the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Ecological Society of America for students in the east; and similar meetings in the midwest).

As a capstone project in science communication, trainees will collaborate to write, film, and produce a 15-minute video that describes the EERREC REU experience. The video will include a program overview and segments that highlight each trainee’s research.

Trainees will premiere this video at the summer undergraduate STEM research symposium, and we subsequently will post the video on social media and make it available to trainees to share with their home institutions and personal networks.

Short student-produced videos have become a hallmark of the experience of UC Davis ecology and evolutionary biology students. Watch an award-winning one here.

student-filmed video
This video garnered first prize in the 2020 UC Davis Research Rockstars Undergrad Slam Video Contest for Michael Brito and Kenzie Pollard.