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Race and ethnicity
Our funding source, the US National Science Foundation, asks that we collect information on race and ethnicity. Please check all that apply.
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Family educational background: are you a first-generation college student?

Your current college or university
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What do you think you might do after your undergraduate degree? Check all that apply.

Questions I’d rather not do this I have little or no experience in this but I’m willing to learn I’m mildly interested in this I’m very interested in this

Questions I’m not interested in this this would be OK I’m very interested in this this is a “must” for me

Please provide the names, affiliations, and email addresses of your references. You are responsible for arranging to have letters sent to
Please provide a list of courses that you have taken (or will complete by the end of this academic year) and that you think are relevant to the EERREC REU. If you wish, you may briefly explain why each course is relevant. Please use the filename LastNameFirstName_courses. 

Please note that we do not require transcripts and no, we don't need to know your GPA.
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Allowed types: pdf.
Please respond to the following prompts, each using no more than half a single-spaced page. Assemble these into a single file and use the filename LastNameFirstName_app.
  1. Describe a previous research experience. In your response, please include the name of the institution where you did the research and the name of the faculty member who oversaw the project. What research question did you address and what was your role in the research? (if you have no prior research experience, please answer this question using an experiment or project from a class, and include the title of the course)
  2. The purpose of this essay is to learn something about your academic interests. Please describe your academic and career goals and how the EERREC REU program will help you achieve those goals. 
  3. The purpose of this essay is to get to know you as an individual and potential scholar in the EERREC REU. Please tell us about how your life experiences brought you to apply for the EERREC REU.  

One file only.
1 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, .